Customer Initiated Visibility

(i)View Beacon Overview(i)View Beacon is a platform for Cloud self-service. It allows providers to be transparent with their end user experience by providing clients with self-service capabilities to initiate trouble shooting of their own issues. Today’s dilemma is that no single group can take responsibility for the user’s experience with a hosted application, there are so many entities involved – hence the finger pointing.

Leading providers of hosted services are using (i)View Beacon software to empower users to launch enhanced diagnostics tools prior to calling for assistance. The information provided by (i)View Beacon enables the hosted application provider to identify and resolve connectivity and performance issues.


Key Features of the (i)View Beacon:


Self Service Analysis Self Service Analysis

Initiated by launching a URL, the user obtains quick and clear information on operational statistics and anomalies that may need to be addressed. These quick tests include ports, link speed and  carrier identification. Based on the results, the outcome is given clear, actionable terms – Customer Side Problem or Server Problem.