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Network Monitoring & Remote Access

  • Real-Time Dashboard for Network Traffic Analysis
  • Active Call Testing and Voice Call Monitoring
  • NetFlow Usage
  • SNMP Bandwidth Packet Capture – SNMP Traps/Alerts
  • Serial Port Monitoring Custom Scripting
  • WMI Queries For Resource Information
  • Packet Capture and QoS

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Today’s large private enterprise networks as well as service organizations rely on a communications network for mission-critical operations – savvy decision makers know the strategic value of an intelligent and flexible alarm management system. That’s why Crytycal Services Management, the leader in alarm management technology, is proud to provide the latest innovation to its product line – the Enterprise(i). This monitoring and access device is the latest in a long line of Intelligent Systems Management products that have become an industry standard for automating fault and configuration management for a wide range of telecom and datacom systems.

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Network and Application Usage

  • Identify areas of highly utilized applications and network infrastructure
  • Make better business decisions on placement of additional resources to maximize ROI
  • Discover areas of low application/network usage for server and network maintenance periods
  • View usage of non-essential applications that could be throttled to conserve expensive Internet bandwidth
  • Measure strategic application adoption and utilization

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Offer Your Customers the Best

IRISnGEN is a powerful alarms management system that lets you offer best-in-class maintenance services to your customers. Whether your customers are internal to your company or represent thousands of different companies, the flexibility of IRISnGEN lets you run your maintenance business the way you want.

As your service business grows, the challenges of tracking and responding to maintenance situations grow with it. The large quantity of data streaming in from multiple locations could be overwhelming without IRISnGEN. With IRISnGEN, you easily monitor millions of messages and maintain thousands of PBXs, voice mail systems, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, network elements, and other electronic devices critical to your business.

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Asset Vulnerability Scan

  • Host and Device Identification
  • Unpatched / Unsecure Windows OS Recognition
  • Identify Dated and Unpatched VMWare Revisions
  • Quick Links and Guides to Remediation

Flexible Scanning Options

  • Scan Prior to and/or Post New Technology Deployments
  • One-Time, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Scans
  • Granular Host Scan for Highly Detailed Reporting on Device

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